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45° Elbow 802-5959353 (Navy)


Concentric Reducer 802-5959353 (Navy)


Concentric Reducer Street 802-5959353 (Navy)


Long Radius 90° Elbow 802-5959353 (Navy)


Long Radius Street 90° Elbow 802-5959353 (Navy)


Tee 802-5959353 (Navy)


90/10 CUNI Fittings Belled End Class 200

NAVSEA DWG #802-5959353

Cupronickel (also known as copper-nickel and CUNI) is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese.

Copper Nickel C706 is also known as Copper Nickel 90/10 because it is made up of 10% nickel or as ASTM B466 and ASME SB466. C706 is known for its moderate strength, weldability, and formability. The inclusion of controlled quantities of iron and manganese also give the CUNI 90/10 alloy an extraordinary resistance to general corrosion and stress cracking, as well as to erosion and impingement due to turbulent water containing air bubbles and silt flowing at high velocities.

Due to the specific properties of nickel and copper alloys, they are applied in a variety of Navy, Commercial Marine, and Offshore industrial applications.

Belled end 90/10 CUNI fittings are used in place of butt-welding pipe due to their ease and speed of installation while still providing a strong durable connection. 90/10 CUNI Belled end fittings are faster to install due to less prep-time being needed to form the weld. There is no need to bevel or match connections on site before welding. 90/10 CUNI Belled end fittings can also handle small misalignments in the piping system with no degradation to the joints within the system.

Belled end fittings require less welding as a typical welder can create a solid connection in one pass, saving labor costs and time.