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Edward Valves

High Performance for Critical Service Temperatures that can exceed 1000°F. Pressures surpassing 10 000 psi. In critical service conditions, you can’t take chances. You don’t just meet standards, you exceed them.

Conservative Design

Flowserve Edward Valves takes a conservative approach to valve design. We meet all applicable codes and standards, but we go beyond that with finite element stress analysis of critical areas and rigorous proof testing. Edward valves are built to take punishment! And our extensive testing has also allowed us to develop extremely high flow efficiencies in all our valves. You’ll find other unique design advantages with our varied product lines, such as our Equiwedge® gate valves with a two-piece wedge gate assembly that adjusts
automatically to any angular distortion of the body seats.

Precision Manufacturing

Edward Valves also exceeds industry standards on the factory floor. Our forged valves are produced on a fully automated line, with CNC machining centers providing precise process control. And we maximize cast steel quality by producing our valve body castings using a directional solidification process from patterns designed by our own technicians. This process ensures high-strength, void-free castings
for uncompromised quality. Even with the most advanced equipment, we feel our people make the real difference. Our production personnel have an average of 20 years in the industry, and 15 years with Flowserve!

Lower Total Costs

Those tough standards have carried over into every valve we manufacture. We design and build our valves to last at least 40 years. That means not only are they tough, but they are designed with easy maintenance in